The Rocket

Rockets Need a Reason to Read

Myah Chaco, Staff

March 4, 2020

Reading has been a big part of history and society for thousands of years, yet it is a dying favorite. Fewer and fewer people are reading. In India, the average person spends 10 hours and 42 minutes reading a week. This includes r...

Impeachment: Only the Facts

Impeachment: Only the Facts

December 18, 2019

Honors is Just One Option

Cole Norby, Staff

April 9, 2019

Being able to select one’s own classes is all part of high school. Students can explore their own interests and careers independently. However, some students prefer to search for a challenge in their education from the provid...

Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US Border

Cole Norby, Staff

December 11, 2018

Several thousand people: men, women, and children,have trudged in the boiling heat from Central America and Mexico toward the southern US border. Their goal? To leave their countries, which have been corrupted with gangs, drugs...

Sick Rhymes Dominate Our Times (Fo’ Shizzle)

Sahra Jilaow and Cole Norby

December 4, 2018

Does rap dominate today’s music culture? Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Drake, Juice WRLD and Travis Scott. All names that are heavily associated with our teenage culture. Rap music has been dominating today's music indus...