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Mr. Johnson Is All In!

Mr. Johnson Is All In!

November 13, 2018

Crimes Against Freshmanity – Staff Editorial

Rocket Staff

October 30, 2018

We’ve all been there: Getting booed at pep fests, being called names like “Freshie” and “Fresh Meat,” receiving glares like you have a disease, being the bearer of allegations as the “most immature class ever,” getting...

GSA creates an inclusive community

Isabelle Smith, Staff

March 21, 2018

GSA is a student run club that supports LGBTQ students and allies. It’s for anyone who supports the population and focuses social interaction on support group activities. According to the club advisor, Nora Rogers, “We are all about ...

On to Next Adventures: A Commemoration Article for Mrs. Olsen

Katherine Schiraldi

June 8, 2017

If you have ever taken a trip to the Main Computer Lab, you have most likely seen Mrs. Susy Olsen. Bright and energetic, Mrs. Olsen is almost always available to lend a hand with any technological problem you may encounter. Alth...

Theatre thrives under Kleiman

Chase Larsen, Staff

March 15, 2017

JM Theatere productions have always been a highlight in the school’s performances. For the past few years at JM, we have a had a theater director who has not been closely tied to the school, making theater auditions, practices, a...

Kentucky Blood Center.
Lexington, Kentucky
Saturday May 21, 2016

Photo by Joseph Rey Au

John Marshall Blood Drive

January 18, 2017