March for Our Lives

Chris Kuester, Editor

On February 14th, tragedy struck a high school in Parkland, Florida. A former student, armed with an AR-15, went onto the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus and shot a total of 34 people, killing 17 of them, and injuring the other 17.  This was not the first school shooting of 2018, and it wasn’t the last. However, despite having 7 fatal school shootings before and having 9 after, the Parkland shooting got the most attention. The students were outraged that this mentally unfit individual was able to obtain a semi automatic weapon and was able to cause 17 people to die.

This outrage quickly spread throughout the country, causing many protests to emerge and are starting a revolution. On February 21st, many students and teachers walked out of school to peacefully protest the current gun laws. Then, on March 14th, even more students and staff walked out, again in protest of gun laws. This has become a revolution throughout the United States school districts and everyone involved with them.

At John Marshall, around 50-100 people walked out of class at 10:00 AM. Several people spoke at the walkout after a minute of silence for the 17 students who were murdered in the shooting. The students who spoke included Abbie Tyron, Mohannad Abdel-Rehim, Ethan Eggler, Cat Hinz, and a few others. They were advocating for stricter gun laws and the increase of mental health awareness and help. They want more intensive background checks, and a ban on weapons and accessories like semi-automatic rifles, and bumpstocks. Many of the people who hold political office are NRA supporters, however, and will not change the gun laws, in fear of violating the 2nd Amendment and losing voters.

All in all, students have risen up in the midst of controversy, and are now shouting their voices across the nation, begging to be heard. Across the nation, students are protesting current gun laws, and are advocating for more mental health awareness and improvement. They will not stop until they are heard, and the laws are changed.