Camp Companion Visits JM


Ryan Bondock snuggles with a kitten before finals

Chris Kuester, Editor

The week before finals is one of the two most stressful weeks of the year. However, it was made a little bit easier when Camp Companion came to visit on January 19th, which was the Friday before Finals. They brought a couple of dogs and a few cats. There was a little dog and a larger dog, and many of the cats were kittens. These guests were used to help relieve some of the stress with the upcoming, potentially grade-deciding tests. These therapy animals have proven to show a decrease in catecholamines which cause feelings such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine, and increased endorphins which cause feelings such as happiness, serenity, excitement, and satisfaction.

Camp Companion doesn’t just provide therapy animals to schools; they also are an animal shelter similar to the Paws and Claws Humane Society. Camp Companion’s mission is to prevent future generations of homeless animals with a goal of not having any more homeless animals. They, however, have a different approach to this goal; they are using the TNR (trap-neuter-return) method. This means people can bring in stray cats to be spayed and neutered, and then they release them back onto the streets. This is mainly used with feral cats, and if there happen to be kittens with these feral cats, they are filtered into a foster system until they are adopted into a good home. They also ear tip (cut off the end of the left ear) the cats that have been neutered/spayed. This method reduces the amount of mating that happens in the streets, reducing the number of homeless cats.

The Friday before finals, students made a donation to Camp Companion in order to be able to play with these cute animals in order to relieve some of the stress of finals week. This was a win-win situation: Camp Companion raised a large sum of money to help fuel their organization, and overwhelmed students got to relieve their stress with cute animals.


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