Rochester Teen Builds Online Business


Alexa Lee, Editor

A former student of John Marshall,who only recently transferred to Mayo, has launched a lucrative business that she hopes to grow into a career. Running it right from her house, on social media, Zoe Ebeling has struck quite the gold mine in the costume making industry. Making a profit with one’s  talents has never been easier with the technology of today, and the success story of one of our own is truly inspiring.

Zoe makes custom-tailored costumes straight from her basement to the world. Recently becoming quite popular because of the quality and efficiency of her work, there’s been a boom in business. Zoe remarks, “There wasn’t really clear product at first, but I’ve been a part of a few of these companies so far, and the idea has become clearer as I discover that my… uh, clients, aren’t specific to one category of clothing or costume.” Starting with a small group online, she has gathered experience in her field and has become quite the seamstress prodigy.

But where did it really begin? What inspired the mogul lifestyle she lives today? Zoe answers, “My grandma taught me to sew at a young age; I actually used to live with my grandparents for quite a while, so we spent a lot of time together. Once I turned five she decided I was ready to learn how to sew.”

Planning to carry this career path on throughout her life, Zoe plans on possibly making it to Hollywood with her costume-making career and finding challenges in the cinematic industry. After all, she isn’t worried about her skills lacking, because the business and number of customers she garners is substantial, “The media I conduct my business on generally has a lot of people looking to buy costumes… Various uses, cosplay..suits, things like that. It isn’t difficult, considering the access to people from all over, massive amounts of people from fandoms, internet groups who use costumes, who don’t mind the prices.” Costumes can take up to a year, at the least a few months to make for her small group of people, and she averages up to four days a week in the process. Asked whether it’s difficult to gather business online, she answers that it isn’t, thanks to the internet for creating a way to instantly and efficiently drum up business for any sort of passion.