Graphic Design Project


Isabelle Smith, Staff

In JM’s Graphics Design Class, Mrs. Becker hosts an annual assignment that exchanges pictures with another school about the students future, goals, and what they’d like to be doing. The class that JM Graphics exchanged with this year was from Turkey, in Antalya. They had some responses that are very interesting! We also asked a few questions about Turkey to better understand them, and in turn, asked questions about us. The links for the powerpoints are included here and here.

I interviewed Mrs. Becker to receive some input on what the assignment was like. She states that she connected with some art teachers and ended up working with a teacher from Turkey and then they both agreed to use both of their ideas about goals and the future to form the assignment. She tells the reason why she chooses to do these assignments as well. “I want to give students a perspective outside of Rochester, because some students forget that there are students all around the world, dealing with the same issues that they are...We are more alike than we are different.” More feedback seemed to be needed on the overall impact of the assignment, although the responses have been positive from being in the class. Some people from JM learned a lot about Turkey as a country and the school system that they are in.

Previous assignments such as these have been done with places like Australia and Africa. Mrs. Becker hopes to continue the assignment next year. A surprising thing that was found that not many people are aware of is that this is an annual assignment. Photos, facts, and cloth projects have been shared and Mrs. Becker hopes to continue it.

Some recurring themes that I noticed were that many of the students in Antalya see art, music, and nature in their future. That correlates with the goals of many of JM’s students as well! Some students went far beyond the norm and expressed very unique goals, such as Nisa Sav from Turkey wishes to be the first woman president, and Connor Dowd from JM wishes to be a medical illustrator. The students from Turkey shared a love of the sea. Turkey has many seas including the Mediterranean Sea. Ece Baran and Wendy Sun shared the love of reading. Many students both here and there love their family, friends, and relatives and see them in their future.