No Phones, No Problem


Chris Kuester, Editor

Rochester Mayo High School has initiated a new cell phone policy that has left some students in confusion, but many are mainly unfazed. The policy states that cell phones may not be used in classrooms unless specifically allowed by a teacher or another staff. However, this does not include the hallways or the lunchroom. The consequences for having a phone out is having it taken away; continued disobedience of this policy could even lead to a 3 day suspension. This policy was put into place after various incidents concerning cell phones and their uses, especially use of the camera. The goal of this new policy is to limit and restrict cell phone uses during the school day, although it has not had much success.

One Mayo student stated, “It doesn’t really affect me. A lot of teachers are really lax about it, and they allow phones anyway. Plus, I only really used my phone in the halls and at lunch, and I’ve never really used my phone in class.”

Another fellow Spartan said, “At first, I was angry about it and thought it was really dumb, but then I realized how chill all the teachers were being about it. Honestly, nobody really cares about it.”

Despite putting this new rule into place, most Mayo students feel like very little has changed in the building. Because the policy is still relatively new, the impact on academic progress is still to be determined.