Final study tips


Caroline Soltis, Staff

Final Frantics

Caroline Soltis


Finals are coming up quickly, which can be a very stressful time for students and teachers alike. Finals can be stressful, however there are many things you can do to make sure you do your best during finals week. Here are some things to try:


  1. Prepare: Don’t wait until the weekend before finals week to try to study for all of your upcoming exams. Focus on a few classes each week or weekend, allowing enough time to:
  2. Plan: Figure out what score you need to get the grade you want in the class. Just search “final grade calculator”on Google, and you can see how hard you need to study for each class. Allow more study time for classes in which you struggle. While knowing the grade you need is important, it’s also important to realize what classes you struggle with most, so you can prepare for them appropriately. Quickly review material for a class in which you feel comfortable with the material.
  3. Find the best study techniques. Everyone has different techniques and tricks, and finding yours can help maximize study time.. Try different websites like Quizlet, or use old-fashioned flash cards. You could also have someone else quiz you, or make it a game and get a reward like food or a break  for every so many right answers.
  4. Chew gum: A trick is to chew gum while you are studying, and then during the final, chew the same flavor, and it’s supposed to help you remember what you studied. Gum also can be a stress reliever and help you concentrate during the test.
  5. Get enough sleep. Though you probably hear it alot, it really is true that enough sleep can help you do better on tests. Aim for 7-9 hours the night before each final, and don’t stay up late studying!
  6. Eat: A healthy and filling breakfast will make you more alert.. Again, something that is commonly heard, but breakfast is very important. You’ll do much better on a test while feeling full and energized then you would on an empty stomach. Try to drink plenty of water too.

As a last resort, never underestimate the power of bribery. Teachers like chocolate, starbucks gift cards, and kind notes of appreciation.