Academic Seminar

Caroline Soltis, Staff

Academic Seminar has been going on for some time now, since – the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year. However, is it really used efficiently and appropriately by students?

For some, the 45 minutes is a lifesaver because of missed school due to sickness, sports, or appointments. If a teacher requests someone to their room, it ensures them a chance to get work done quietly and with help available nearby. Tests especially can be taken during the time period, since it can be very difficult to find a different time to take them. Not everyone has a study hall, and lunch doesn’t always provide enough time to eat first and then try to cram a test in the short amount of time left over.

Not only is Academic Seminar helpful when requested by a teacher, but it can be a great time to finish up homework for classes, especially for the students with busy lives after school or no study hall.

However, even though the time can be immensely helpful for some students, it can also be pointless to others. “It’s really boring. I sit there in the lunchroom and do nothing. I have no homework,” says one student. If someone is a diligent student who turns their work in on time and doesn’t need any extra time to work, they might just be sitting in the cafeteria with nothing to do the whole period. Though many students get requested by a teacher every Tuesday, even more are stuck in the cafeteria each time. And some don’t even do homework if they have it, choosing to spend the time talking with friends or walking around the cafeteria aimlessly. On the other hand, for some, this can sometimes be a nice break from the stress of school every day. Having a time to relax and not be stuck sitting a classroom for 50 minutes at a time can be great for everyone. Even more, all students would agree that being able to sleep in, even for only a little bit more, on Tuesday mornings is definitely a good idea. Most teachers would agree, and not just for that reason. When asked if Academic Seminar was worth it, English teacher Mrs. Vincent responded, “Absolutely. I think it’s fantastic. It gives me as a teacher an opportunity to check up on students that are behind. Otherwise I’m stuck trying to catch them before or after school.”

So even though Academic Seminar may not prove useful to everyone all the time, it may be worth it for a little extra time to sleep or relax, or to catch up on work without taking the minimal time available for many students later in the day.