Theatre thrives under Kleiman

Chase Larsen, Staff

JM Theatere productions have always been a highlight in the school’s performances. For the past few years at JM, we have a had a theater director who has not been closely tied to the school, making theater auditions, practices, and performances a little more complicated. That changed this year as Mr. Kleiman, an English teacher here at JM, has taken charge of the activity. The first theater production he directed at JM was Lucky Stiff, a comedy. However the theater performs all genres, from comedy to drama to musicals.  Lucky Stiff is about a lonely man whose  uncle (whom he doesn’t know) dies. The play is based on the book by Michael Butterworth. The play here at JM was well attended and acted and was a great success.

The spring theater production was even better. It was split into 2 smaller, one act plays: one comedy and one drama. The comedy, The Internet is Distract – Oh Look a Kitten,  is based on a girl trying to finish her book report but is distracted constantly by the Internet. The drama, Glass, tells the story of an actor  who is stuck inside a play but can’t convince anyone else there is a problem.

Both plays were well-directed and acted, using minimal staging and a few special effects. In The Internet, lighting was used to highlight the various social media platforms. The personification of an intrusive search engine that instantly knew everything the main character was doing and offered ads and suggestions to accommodate her provided humor that is creepily familiar. The actors did admirable jobs as the various social media platforms and distractions. Along with the humor, the play had more serious undertones about the addictive nature of the Internet and the risk of privacy breaches.

Next up for Theatre JM is the traditional student run production. Students interested in participating in the student run show should contact Mr. Kleiman in room 3-122.