Alexandra Albright: A Model Student

Lillie Redmond, Yearbook Staff

Alexandra Albright is a senior at John Marshall High School. Just like any other average teenager in Rochester, she goes to school, works at a part-time job, and does homework. However, her life is filled with traveling and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. Alexandra has been modeling for almost three years now and has had different photo shoots in the Twin Cities, New York, and has even had offers to go to Fashion Week in Milan.

“When I turned fifteen, I sent my photos into a modeling agency in Minneapolis, and I was there for about a year, and when I turned sixteen I started doing actual work and making money doing photo shoots and stuff. Well, I never made that much money, not a lot, not as much as you would make from a part-time job, but I mean, still. And then when I turned sixteen, my agent sent photos of me to agencies in New York City. Then just when I turned seventeen, I got to go to New York for the first time. There, I got signed to my agency up there, where they get me work for magazines, runway shows, and stuff like that. Then, in the summer, I went to New York for a month, which was an amazing experience. I got to ride the subway, meet amazing people, do photo shoots, and get to meet some of the best people in the fashion industry, which is something I’m really passionate about.”

Alexandra just completed another New York photo shoot in January, where she made  more modeling memories. There have been many hardships in her life, but modeling has helped her build confidence and self-esteem, and she loves being in her own skin. Her modeling talent is hard to overlook.