Betsy Devos: Who is she?


Getty Images

Alexa Lee, Staff

Betsy DeVos is the newest United States Secretary of Education, appointed by Donald Trump, and her lack of job qualification is turning some heads. Reasons for objections include that DeVos has never attended, taught in, or held any educational position in a public school. Many believe she secured the position because of a $9.5 million donation to Donald Trump’s campaign made by her family. Not only do her qualifications, or lack thereof, worry many Americans, but so do her communication skills. She has supported ideas that could turn school districts upside down, proposing to shift the flow of money in the American education system by giving government money to private schools and leaving public schools less than the little they already receive.

This isn’t where controversy about DeVos stops. While she has a rather cheery idea of what she’d like to create while in office, she may be a little overbearing for America. DeVos, a rather religious woman, preaches of building “God’s Kingdom” with America’s education system. A shocking statement, considering America being built upon the separation of church and state. DeVos stated “Our desire is to confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God’s Kingdom.” This has many concerned about her true agenda. Is this why she’s so enthralled with giving money to private institutions? We will continue to monitor this story closely, as there is a direct impact to John Marshall High School and its community.