JM Orchestra: Putting the “fun” In Fundraising


Alexa Lee, Staff

The John Marshall orchestra is celebrating Valentine’s Day the way they know best, using their talent to fundraise their big trip to Nashville. If you have a special someone, or just a friend you might want to embarrass, look no further for the proper Valentine’s Day gift. Stumped on what to get your sweetheart to show them what they mean to you without emptying your wallet? Selling personal in-class serenades from concert orchestra members, cheesy cards, and/or flowers for the person of your choice, you can show them just how much you care. What says, “Let’s show public displays of affection in the hallway after lunch” like an adorable card, flowers, and personalized music?

  The money raised will fund some of the expenses for the Orchestra’s trip to Nashville, where they will visit locations such as The Grand Ole Opry, and Studio B, both historically famous places for the evolution of music. You can fund their cause during your lunch hour, where orchestra members will be at the white table near the doors. Just in case you miss the chance to give a little then,or if you’re too lonely during Valentine’s Day to be charitable(we understand) the fundraising doesn’t end there. Coming Pi Day is the John Marshall Orchestra Concert, and even if classical music is something you don’t particularly fancy, if you stick around until the end, they’ll be selling homemade pies at a dollar a slice to further help their trip. So if you like classical music, pie/pi, and PDA, giving money will never be as fun. Happy Valentine’s Day, JM.