John Marshall Blood Drive



Kentucky Blood Center. Lexington, Kentucky Saturday May 21, 2016 Photo by Joseph Rey Au

Ally Fibison, Editor In Chief

Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S needs blood, 36,000 units are needed every day nationwide, and without the blood given, approximately 45,000,000 Americans would die each year. Donations are needed and JM rockets 16 and older step up to the plate and sign up for our annual blood drive each year.  People who sign up to donate blood give an average of about one pint of the ten in their body. When going in for your appointment you are first brought in by a nurse and asked some questions to determine whether or not you are healthy enough to give blood; blood collection itself takes approximately 5-10 minutes, and finally, after you have given your blood, you are given juice and a cookie as well as a brief resting period before returning to class or their everyday routine. This year the blood drive was held on December 20th and 21st in the Rocket Center, but let’s go a little deeper into why it is important to consider donation, the need for blood in hospitals is constant, so the need for donations is a constant as well, your donation of blood could save a life. The blood you donate could help a cancer patient, someone just out of or currently in surgery, or support many other medical emergencies and treatments.

In order to truly understand blood donation let’s take a look at the history behind it. The first blood transfusion was attempted unsuccessfully in 1492 on a nearly comatose pope. All four blood groups were discovered in 1902, and in 1914 the first Non-Direct transfusion was successfully performed. Clearly, blood donation and transfusion has come a long way in the last couple hundred years.

According to Mrs. Dahl, who coordinates with Mayo to plan the blood drives, this December’s blood drive was a huge success. “This year was a great response, everyone was really eager to donate, and I had to double book almost every appointment. This fall was the best response I’ve seen in my ten years here. Sixty-two students gave blood and 101 total volunteered to be there to donate.”  John Marshall has held a blood drive for 10+ years, but Mayo and Century, as well as local schools like Byron, have a local drive each year. In order to donate you have to be at least 16, 16 year old require a consent form signed by a parent or guardian but 17 and up the choice is yours. Want to know how you can donate if you missed the last drive? Our spring blood drive will be held on March 21st and 22nd, and signup will become available at the end of February.