Rockets Wrap Up Successful CA Season


Alexa Lee, Staff

The 2016 Christmas Anonymous, funded by different fundraisers, is a nearly month long charity event and a way JMHS students and staff give back to their community. Christmas anonymous is, unfortunately, coming to an end. Stick around for next year, but until then we can always reminisce about the fun times we had this year. But basically, here’s the recap: key events of this year’s Christmas Anonymous were the warm and confining betrayals that were Saran Wrappings, Occupy JM, and of course this year’s school-wide game of Paranoia! With Pep Fests, karaoke, photo booths and so much more, John Marshal may be losing interest in classwork as winter break grows nearer, but Rockets are jumping at opportunities to donate this winter. The holiday season just brings people together, and JM is no exception.

    But let’s not forget what this is really about. We have raised 32,429 dollars for families in need this winter. Christmas Anonymous helps, on average, over 600 families and seniors every year. To donate, all you have to do is put a few pennies in the penny wars bucket for your grade, or buy something from Occupy JM, or you could even donate online! Next time you donate to Christmas Anonymous, know that your money spent to have a fun time will be used to help out people that are struggling in your community. Happy holiday-going, JM.