District Considers New School Calendar

Chris Kuester


RPS Superintendent, Michael Muñoz

         The Rochester School District #535 is looking to perhaps start before Labor Day specifically on August 30th. There would still be the same amount of school days, however more of the summer vacation days would transfer into the school year.  Doing this to the calendar is technically legal, however there are certain requirements and grants the district would need to request for before it would be able to do this.  There is a special request that any school doing over $400,000 in construction could qualify for that exempts the school of the Labor Day rule.  But the request is due by February. Since the district is planning a couple new construction projects, like the new roof they want to do at John Marshall High School that will cost around $1.6 million, Superintendent Michael Muñoz thinks that he would be able to get this request.  A lot of parents are upset about this.

       A local mom states, “Even after I’ve had time to process and think about it, I still don’t care for it.  I think if they’re going to do two breaks in the spring, they need to spread them out and move spring break. I personally don’t think the district has a good reason do this and I don’t see the advantage of doing it for the kids.”

       A lot of people don’t like this idea because of how it soon it would go into effect. Another local mom claims, “If Muñoz expects people to be behind him, he needs to ease us into these things and not just throw things upon us that’ll affect schedules the next year out.

     Is Muñoz going to request for the grant even though a lot of people are opposed of the whole idea? Will he delay this whole ordeal? Or will the whole thing be vetoed anyway?