Governor Addresses Student Concerns


Will England, Staff

Governor Tim Walz visited JM on Wednesday January 29th. One of the classes he visited was Mr. Himlie’s eighth hour English. His visit was run like an open forum. Mr. Walz opened off with a question. He asked what we, as students, thought was the biggest issue facing our education. The issue that came up was the student discipline issues. Governor Walz agreed that this was a big issue that we needed to solve. He stated that many discipline issues can be attributed to mental health issues.

Governor Walz also asked the class what about JM worries students.  Students said that grades were a concern. The Governor said that students deserve the chance to get the grades they deserve, and that he is striving to make that more of a reality. 

The last point Governor Walz stressed was the importance of our education. He commented that the current leaders in education have failed our generation. He spoke of the difference in the achievement gaps between ethnic and racial groups. He pointed out that when we grow up, current district officials will be dead, and we – the next generation – will have to live with the consequences. He was telling students the need to vote for our leaders, and love our democracy. He encourages student activism. He sees students as the future and we need to take charge of our future. 

Governor Walz had a brief visit, but a highly successful one. Students went away with the feeling that the Governor cares about our education. The Governor is optimistic. That is a very good start.