2020 goes down the toilet

Julien Allison, Staff

January has just about ended and I have to say, what even is 2020? This whole month has been packed with so much crap it seems almost unreal. First, Qassem Suilemani was assassinated, which went over super well. Then our democratic institutions have basically been thrown out the window due to partisanism, and Australia is still on fire. There’s so much more that’s happened. 2019 was bad enough, but this whole month just seems to dwarf all the dumb stuff that happened last year.

    Most of the problems we’ve faced in this short time period stem from the U.S. government. Now while most people take this time to make cracks at our commander in chief, Donald Trump, I think that he’s only a part of the problem. The problem stems from partisanism as a whole. Nancy Pelosi won’t work with Trump, the Republicans aren’t working with the other side either, leaving the whole government itself gridlocked. This is seen directly in Trump’s impeachment trial. With that whole ordeal coming to an end, I’ve decided to look back on the whole event. I see how dumb our government is. We have a partisan society where the two party system kills our government. Our voices don’t always matter because of political gerrymandering, and people can get away with real crimes just because they are aligned with the party running the trial. 

    The government is not the only problem that 2020 decided to throw our way. The environment sure has changed in recent years. Australia has turned black with soot, the Taal Volcano is looking like it’s going to erupt, and Jamaica was hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. That’s a whole lot of stuff for only one month. While this is all essentially out of our control, it still just has to be said, what is with this year. It just feels broken already. Like the Novel Coronavirus has infected more than the SARS outbreak of 2002 did. All in the span of about 30 days. While we really don’t know how bad this will get, it could just be the next flu, or it could be worse. That will just take time to tell.   

With the start of 2020 being so dreadful, I can imagine a lot of people don’t see much room for hope. But I on the other hand see room for hope. Things are bad now, but with such a rough start things can only get better. It’s like giving a speech, your first time is dreadful, but then you get better, more confident. While there is a lot to rant about right now in the world, that doesn’t mean you can’t be hopeful for tomorrow. For starters, with people beginning to see the effects of climate change, they might start to enact change, or with the 2020 presidential election, we might see a new president who seems to be better liked by the populace and also is more willing to work with others. While there is no direct solution, we always can hope. And with all of the news just being dreary and dreadful. I think we need a message of hope in life. And that’s where I am: hopeful for the best tomorrow, but prepared for the worst in the future.