President Trump and Jackson: Drain the Swamp or Flood the Swamp?

Will England, Staff

Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump are arguably the two most controversial presidents in American history. They share similar personalities, and similar presidencies. Both have been the subject of much controversy. What are the similarities and what are the differences? What does history have to say?


Andrew Jackson was born in 1767, of a relatively poor family. Jackson fought in the Revolutionary War, and much more famously, in The War of 1812. Jackson made a name for himself serving in the army. His famous victory was at The Battle of New Orleans in The War of 1812. Jackson then turned to the Indian wars, chiefly in Florida. He was known for using brutal but effective tactics against Native Americans. He resigned from the army in the early 1820s.


Jackson then turned to politics. He successfully beat John Quincy Adams (the son of John Adams) in the presidential election of 1828. Andrew Jackson is most known and understandably hated for the Trail of Tears. His presidency is also marked for his attempts to remove the national bank.  


On the other hand, Jackson spent almost his whole life in the service of his country. He gave America some territories that Americans now inhabit. He was a cruel general but there is no doubt he won the battles he fought. He won the battle of New Orleans in The War of 1812 against the most powerful nation of the time, Great Britain. This was the last major battle in The War of 1812. 


Donald Trump was born in 1946 to a very rich family. Mr. Trump grew up to be a very successful businessman before running for president in 2016. Mr. Trump is known for his increase in border security by building a wall on our border. He is also known as a  protector of the second amendment.  


 Donald Trump does have certain differences to Andrew Jackson. Mr. Trump was not a military general, or served in the military before becoming president. Trump was a businessman. Trump was born into an incredibly wealthy family; whereas, Jackson was born into a very poor family. Trump as a businessman seems to respect the bank. He has made no attempt to remove it. Jackson was strongly against the national bank and attempted to get rid of it. The two do have differences.   


Despite obvious differences, Jackson and Trump have much in common. Both Andrew Jackson and Donald Trump are populists Presidents. In dictionary definition A party or person who works with the common people, against the elite or the ruling class. Whether Jackson or Trump are actually representing the common people is a topic that is still up for debate. Another similarity is the lack of political experience each brought to the presidency. Neither were politicians before becoming president. Both have the same stubborn personality. Jackson did some stupid things and Trump says and tweets lots of stupid things!  Both of which tend to come from strong opinions. The other main similarity is the way mainstream media portrays them in a negative light. Both have had multiple protests before and after their election, as well as continuing protests during their presidencies. Ironically, Jackson and Trump have gained most of their supporters and motivated most of their critics through their outspokenness and controversial policies.


Trump and Jackson have many differences and many similarities. They will likely be remembered as two of the most controversial presidents ever.