Political Climate Freezes Progress

Julien Allison

Modern US politics is in a bad place right now. With the partisanship becoming more and more evident, nothing really gets done anymore. More and more divisive issues are coming up day by day, and in the media, nobody talks about real issues and instead just talk about the Trump impeachment process. While not wanting to get too in depth for that topic, This is causing too much strife in Congress. People are becoming more divided on issues such as Border security, healthcare, the economy, immigration, and essentially 

People put close to zero trust in our congress, and I can see why. None of the promises made by congressmen can usually be kept because they can’t get anything though the house and senate because nothing that’s actually important can gain bi-partisan support. This can all be blamed on the current political system. With people like Donald Trump villainizing the democrats and the same democrats doing the same thing, it’s no wonder why nothing gets done. If we have a political system where the parties refuse to work together on anything, that’s the sign of a broken system that needs some serious changes to be worth a damn.

If we want to fix the problem. The solution is to compromise, work with the other party, build bi-partisanship bills. The biggest problem I’ve heard is on some more divisive problems people have said “there’s no time to compromise”. And this is a systemic problem with politics today. If people aren’t working to make a compromise, then how can we expect to get anything done? This can be seen if you look back at our current president, Donald Trump. Boy does he ever like to divide party lines. Out of everything he does, he really just tends to bash the opposite party on Twitter and also call out anything the other party does that he doesn’t like in the slightest, which really just furthers the divide between the parties. And while this is only one man, he can be seen as the reason why we have problems in today’s governmental system. 

The time for change is now. Like when the proletariats took down the bourgeoisie, we too must rise against the political system. I’m not saying to completely remake it, but I am suggesting we just work together. We need to not be republicans or democrats, but we all need to unite as Americans. The only way our country can be restored to greatness is to work together. 

 As a nation, this political divide causes problems that are truly tribal in nature. While we as a society will never fully agree on everything, we need to find bi-partisan legislation to agree on. If we can begin to compromise, then our government can go back to functioning as it was meant to. The Executive’s power can be checked once again, and this will allow the actual voices of the people to be heard. If this can happen, our nation will be able to prosper even further, and just maybe, people will learn to trust the governmental system once again.