Sick Rhymes Dominate Our Times (Fo’ Shizzle)

Sahra Jilaow and Cole Norby

Does rap dominate today’s music culture?

Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Drake, Juice WRLD and Travis Scott. All names that are heavily associated with our teenage culture. Rap music has been dominating today’s music industry with “Billboard’s Hot 100” charts: the top ten songs since February of 2018 have almost always featured rap. It’s been making a steady incline. As of October 23rd, 2018, there are now seven songs that are in the top ten list. Rap is practically everywhere we look: from parties, to fellow students blaring it through their earbuds in the halls, and as well as hearing it from any sort of social media we use.

Compared to ten years ago, pop music was easily in control of the majority of the business. Names such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce are just some of the many “household” names that dominated the now male and rap dominated society. Ten years ago, the the top ten songs in “Billboard’s Hot 100” of 2008 barely featured rap. Only had one month during that year had rap represented in fifty percent of the top ten list. What happened to cause this shift? Is the era of pop domination fading? Or is it that this new and upcoming generation would rather defy the societal norms of pop music and take on a revamped version of an older genre, such as rap?

In all honesty, this is probably just another one of those expected trend shifts in a new generation. This is not the first time there has been a shift in popular music. For example, the 90’s spotlight was on grunge, rap and pop. Although this seems like a normal shift, it is surprising to see that one genre is dominating over the others significantly today.