Talk about the Block


Julien Allison, Staff

The Rocket Family is an interesting one. We have these wonderful people who love this school so much, that they just want to stand there and drink it all in, right in the middle of it all. You may not know what I’m talking about, but I can guarantee that you’ve either tried to avoid it or walk through it every day. Whether it’s because they need to get to the stairs or through the halls, everyone passes through this intersection -The Block – every day. Though some don’t move through it. They just sort of stand there.

Now, I’ve heard a few people complaining about this, but they don’t think about the good things it brings to the table. This is the intersection from Hell in the middle of the halls. A four-way intersection that is way too hard to avoid for its own good. But in the midst of every student complaining about it, nobody’s looking on the bright side of life. People tend not to realize how great things are. Take a look at that block again, and you’ll see all the great things about it. For example, it brings the faculty and students together, it lets people show their Rocket pride, teaches them how to deal with crowds, and also gives them a great excuse to be late to class. Let’s face the facts, people tend to hold the staff in a higher position, but if they’re higher up on the totem pole, why do they stand in The Block like so many other people? Well, that’s because that block has what one would call magical powers, the powers to bring staff and students together. Whether it be with breaking up a fight, or yelling at kids to move, or even patrolling the Juul room. This leads to the staff getting more involved and closer to all of us.

Now as I’ve mentioned before, some people love this school, and they also love to show their Rocket pride And what better way to do so then by standing right next to or on top of that JMHS seal? You may call all that shouting and talking annoying or even rude, but in reality, it’s students showing their love for this school. Now, can you imagine in the future going to a concert or event, and you try to leave, but you are stuck standing there waiting for people to file out? You may be thinking, “Wow, if only I knew how to get through a crowd.” Well, try walking through that intersection you would acquire that skill real quick. I believe the phrase goes, “You need to shove someone to get through.” And this holds true at that intersection because unless you get lucky, you are going to have to shove someone to get through. And I would say it is always better to learn that skill earlier than later.

Now, being late to class: a lot of kids do it, but no one really knows how to have a good excuse. I’m here to let you in on a little known secret. If you are not late to class, you don’t have to worry about coming up with an excuse. Have you thought of saying, “I was stuck in the hallway traffic?” If your teacher has a soul, they will say, “Oh, of course,” because they all know how hectic that hallway is.

So, now you know the secret only the people with Rocket pride know. The secret of that intersection everyone hates is actually really good: it brings people together. Maybe a little too close, but still, it’s a good thing. The next time you hear someone complaining about that intersection, just link them to this article, so they too can be enlightened.